Premium DNS

Guarantee uptime and accelerate delivery of your domains

If you need fast and reliable DNS hosting services, move your domains over to our Premium DNS services from Constellix. Only pay for the services you use with our "pay as you go" pricing model.

Build your own quote with our simple pricing calculator and see how much your first month will cost.


Get Up & Running In Minutes

You can migrate your domains in just a matter of minutes with absolutely no downtime. Constellix makes migration easy with our smart Migration Wizard that will scan your domain and import your existing record configurations.

Advanced GeoDNS Services

Create unique routing logic based on your users’ region, location, IP address, or network. You can build your own DNS-based Firewall, or build your own Content Delivery network, all using a few GeoDNS rules.


Smart Load Balancing

Load balancing at the DNS level distributes your query traffic across multiple endpoints (IP addresses or hostnames) based on resource availability and performance.

Great for Multi-CDN architectures and Multi-Cloud configurations. Automatically route users to the fastest provider and reduce load times across the globe.

Enhanced Failover

Failover automatically moves your traffic from unavailable resources to healthy ones. DNS Failover is natively integrated with almost all of our load balancing and GeoDNS services.